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Close up of ocean wave
Arial shot of surfers paddling over large school of fish

Introducing the New CHFP Website: A Platform to Unite Cultural Heritage…

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to advocate for the integration and preservation…

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Group of divers at Dunraven Wreck Dive Site, take photographs and conduct underwater research

CHFP at the 2024 UN Ocean Decade Conference: Advancing a Sustainable…

As a proud member of the Ocean Decade community and the sole endorsed Ocean Decade programme…

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Fisherman on boat during sunset in Cambodia

The CHFP Announces Two New Endorsed Actions, Encompassing Estuaries in Canada…

Intending to achieve the Ocean Decade vision of ‘the science we need for the ocean we…

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Crashing waves

Endorsed Actions

Decade Actions are regional, national, or sub-national undertakings which actively address and contribute to the UN Ocean Decade Programme.

They can be undertaken at different levels: Programme, Project, or Activity.

See our latest decade actions.

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