Group of divers at Dunraven Wreck Dive Site, take photographs and conduct underwater research

CHFP at the 2024 UN Ocean Decade Conference: Advancing a Sustainable Ocean Future

As a proud member of the Ocean Decade community and the sole endorsed Ocean Decade programme focused on cultural heritage, the CHFP is dedicated to integrating cultural heritage into the fabric of the Ocean Decade’s 10 Challenges. Our presence at the conference underscores our commitment to advancing interdisciplinary approaches that recognise the intrinsic connection between cultural heritage and the health of marine ecosystems.

We are actively engaging in critical discussions, showcasing the CHFP’s ongoing initiatives, elevating our network of endorsed CHFP Actions, and growing our global community. The challenges facing our ocean are vast and complex, but together, through collective action and collaboration, we can drive meaningful change.

We invite you to join us in this important endeavour as we work towards a future where the ocean thrives, leaving no one behind. If you would like to connect with the CHFP about the UN Ocean Decade Conference, please contact

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